CRG Initiative and GFTAM Regioanl Platform: MENA Regional Civil Society Capacity Building and Dialogue Meeting

MENA Regional Civil Society Capacity Building and Dialogue Meeting CRG Strategic Initiative;

MENA Regional Coordination and Communication Platform ITPC-MENA

In line with the Global Fund 2017-2022 Strategy approved by the Global Fund Board in April 2016, the Global Fund has made changes to its application processes and policies. As such, strong community engagement in Global Fund processes continues to be a priority at the Board level, in country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs), and in grant implementation. For the 2017- 2019 period there are several new features of the allocation model, changes in the technical assistance available for civil society, and opportunities for communities and key populations to engage in Global Fund processes such as country dialogue and funding request development.

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), there have been some important changes with regard to management of Global Fund grants. Furthermore, many countries in MENA are currently or will soon be ineligible for Global Fund resources. Several of the countries that remain eligible for Global Fund financing will be submitting funding requests in Window 4 (January 2018; Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, and Tunisia) and therefore there are opportunities to maximize technical assistance and capacity building initiatives in mid-2017, prior to and during funding request development, as well as during the implementation of programs.

The Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative currently has in place six regional communication and coordination platforms. As host of the MENA Regional Platform, ITPC MENA aims to provide communities in our focus countries (Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia) and beyond with timely information and guidance regarding relevant Global Fund processes and issues. The period of performance as host of the MENA platform by ITPC-MENA is coming to a close, and in accordance with the norms of regional platforms and the demand in our particular region, we propose to convene a two-day capacity building meeting for civil society and key population representatives from around the MENA region.

Meeting Objectives:
1. Introduce and review the Global Fund’s 2017-2019 allocations in MENA, new features of the funding model, catalytic funding and key components of differentiated applications. This objective also includes discussion of the new Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022.
2. Review progress of the Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (CRG SI) MENA Regional Communication and Coordination Platform and discuss how to enhance Regional Platform impact and civil society engagement in Global Fund grants moving forward.
3. Build awareness of technical assistance opportunities, including through the CRG SI, and competency in accessing those opportunities among civil society and key populations in Global Fund-eligible countries in the MENA region.
4. Continue regional-level dialogue and preparations for transition out of Global Fund eligibility to help ensure sustainability of disease responses.