Call for applications to obtain a Zoom license with one year of subscription

Context :

Circumstances linked to Covid-19 have allowed the implementation of teleworking on a larger scale. For CSOs, maintaining a team spirit and a bond with employees in a context like this is a real challenge. So much so that the latter sometimes had to show imagination and flexibility to ensure the continuity of exchanges between employees. Some have chosen to look to alternatives. They have, however, managed to do so through video conferencing applications such as Zoom.

Unfortunately, some structures for various reasons did not have the necessary means to obtain these remote communication tools.

For that:

ITPC-MENA is launching a call for expressions of interest for the selection of 10 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from the MENA region to benefit from a Zoom license with one year of subscription.

Selection criteria for NGOs to obtain a “Zoom” license:

  • Be an NGO that works with key populations (LGBTQI +, MSM, TS, UDI and PLWHIV) living and working in a country in the North Africa Middle East region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti, Somalia , Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mauritania,);
  • Priority will be given to NGOs of people living with HIV, tuberculosis, malaria or key populations.
  • Skills in the field of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria

Process for the call for applications:

  • Half-page letter explaining why the NGO needs the “zoom” license and how it will use it? Send a simple letter of application specifying the interest for your NGO to have a zoom license available to you. (put the letter as an attachment).

In the body of your application email, please provide:

  • The name of the NGO,
  • The name of the person in charge of using the zoom tool,
  • The title and email address of the person in charge of using the zoom tool,
  • Phone number, WhatsApp (optional)

Send your application to the following addresses:

Mr. Zakaria Bahtout:
Mr. Imad El Oualidi:
Mr. Alim El Guaddari:

Deadline for submission of applications: February 20, 2021