The AMAN MENA: The New Security Toolkit

ITPC-MENA has been a an active member in the USAID-supported LINKAGES project and we are proud to share that ITPC-MENA and the other partners in this project designed an interactive toolkit to strengthen the security of HIV program implementers operating in the MENA region. Developed in collaboration with the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality and local partners delivering HIV services, the AMAN MENA Toolkit provides organizations with a systematic approach to assessing and strengthening their security strategies in order to prevent and mitigate the impact of harms to workers and HIV programs.

The toolkit has three parts: Tool 1 is a review of security issues facing organisations that implement key population programming in MENA, along with promising practices and recommendations to address these issues; Tool 2 contains instructions and a checklist that support the identification of security strengths and gaps; and Tool 3 is an annotated bibliography of resources that can be used to strengthen security strategies. The complete toolkit is available in English, French, and Arabic.

Click here to view the toolkit in English.

Click here to view the toolkit in French.

Click here to view the toolkit in Arabic.