Call to Join the MENA Network to Stop TB

In collaboration with the global fund regional platform hosted by ITPC-MENA and the stop TB partnership efforts to build a regional TB advocacy network of people affected by TB, TB survivors and civil society have started with the organization of a regional webinar the 3rd of July 2020. With more than 40 participants and interventions form several countries in the region. The MENA Network to Stop TB aims to bring together MENA NGOs and community networks of people living with TB to increase the capacity and coordination of the TB response in the region, champion people centred approaches to TB and strategize around the TB advocacy priorities of the region.

Our aim is to contribute to and influence national and regional policies and practices to be continually and appropriately responsive to the needs of those affected by TB and inform and positively influence national, regional and international stakeholders to better integrate non-governmental and community-based efforts to fight TB into national and international responses.

Several NGOs have already joined our network like The Tunisian Center for public health, ITPC MENA and Globe Mauritania.

If you are willing to join this network, Please fulfil this form :