Month: February 2021

Ms. Alia Amimi : The New Coordinator of the Regional Global Fund Platform in the MENA Region

ITPC-MENA is pleased to inform you that Ms. Alia Amimi has recently joined ITPC-MENA as Manager of the Regional Global Fund Platform in MENA. Under this position, Ms. Amimi will be supporting closer community engagement with the Global Fund and...

/ 27 February 2021

The AMAN MENA: The New Security Toolkit

ITPC-MENA has been a an active member in the USAID-supported LINKAGES project and we are proud to share that ITPC-MENA and the other partners in this project designed an interactive toolkit to strengthen the security of HIV program implementers operating...

/ 11 February 2021

Call for applications to obtain a Zoom license with one year of subscription

Context : Circumstances linked to Covid-19 have allowed the implementation of teleworking on a larger scale. For CSOs, maintaining a team spirit and a bond with employees in a context like this is a real challenge. So much so that...

/ 8 February 2021