Month: July 2020

Call to Join the MENA Network to Stop TB

In collaboration with the global fund regional platform hosted by ITPC-MENA and the stop TB partnership efforts to build a regional TB advocacy network of people affected by TB, TB survivors and civil society have started with the organization of...

/ 16 July 2020

Webinar: Consultation with stakeholders for the development of the request for the joint TB / HIV grant to the Global Fund – Morocco

Under the leadership of the Coordinating Committee (CCM) made up of representatives from different sectors, regularly renewed and allowing the involvement and full participation of representatives of key populations in Morocco. Grant applications have always been prepared with a broad...

/ 7 July 2020


As you know the regional plateform has a vision for a tuberculosis-free region, for all categories of society, including key populations who are the most vulnerable and marginalized. The regional platform recognizes the role of communities and regional organizations in...

/ 1 July 2020