MENA H Coalition multi-country grant proposal for sustainability of services for HIV key populations for Middle East and North Africa Region

WHO-UNAIDS Joint Consultation for Civil Society Organization

The MENA H Coalition is a collaboration and partnership platform of HIV Key Population Regional Networks in the Middle East and North Africa. Participating networks include: AFEMENA, ITPC MENA, MENARosa, MENAHRA, M-Coalition, MENANPUD, RANAA and others.

Based on the Global Fund’s request for multi-country grant proposal for Middle East and North Africa Region on sustainability of services for HIV key populations, MENA H Coalition requested the support of WHO and UNAIDS in the development of a sound regional proposal.

The MENA H Coalition has selected the International HIV/AIDS Alliance to act as Principal Recipient (PR) for this grant. The Coalition appreciates the continuous partnership over the years of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance with civil society and governments in the MENA region.  The International HIV/AIDS Alliance offers renowned expertise and technical support in the provision of HIV services for key populations and sound grant management systems in various regions. The selection of the Alliance is in line with the Global Fund requirements, including the specificities of this grant that it should be managed by the civil society. The HIV/AIDS Alliance, through its Principal Recipient role, will focus on strengthening civil society organizations in the MENA region to partner with governments and other key actors for a sustainable HIV response among key populations.

The first consultation was held in Beirut, Lebanon, from 23 to 27 March 2018, attended by the participating networks to discuss and agree with partners on the roadmap for the proposal development and consensus-building process.

Another consultation was held from 15 to 17 April in Amman, Jordan, attended by participating networks and partners to achieve the following objectives:

  •   Finalize and build consensus on the final draft proposal of the MENA H Coalition to the GFATM MC grant for MENA by all partners; and
  •   Agree on the final implementation arrangements within the proposal including Principal Recipient, Sub-recipient and oversight mechanisms for the grant.   

The MENA Regional Platform asked for a short article introducing the second regional proposal lead by MENAL and supported by UNDP but unfortunately we didn’t’ not succeed.