Time is Ticking! Submission Dates for Global Fund Funding Requests

Know your timeline!  Submission dates for MENA Global Fund Funding Requests :

Greetings from the Regional Communication and Coordination Platform for Middle East & North Africa, hosted by ITPC-MENA.  We are preparing a newsletter and series of briefs for you in the coming months, but wanted to make sure you had the following information right away.

The Global Fund has recently released the type and timing of each country’s funding request. ITPC-MENA has prepared a list of just the MENA countries for quick reference.  For further information on the different application types, please see the Global Fund’s training slides on the differentiated application process Click  here


* COE = Challenging Operating Environment
While Eritrea and Somalia have Malaria funding requests due on 20 March, most countries in MENA will be submitting in Window 2 (23 May 2017) or Window 4 (31 January 2018).  Please note your country’s submission window and connect with your CCM representatives to find out how to engage with the development of your country funding request(s).

Here are some tools to help you engage in the process:

  • ICASO and MSMGF’s guidance for civil society and key population engagement with the new application process.
  • The Global Fund’s applicant handbook, with information on what to do before submitting a funding request
  • The EANNASO and AAI video toolkit, “How to influence decision-making processes about health”
  • The AAI good practice guide on the Civil Society Priorities Charters for country dialogue
  • The Global Fund’s “How We Engage” document, with case studies of effective civil society and community engagementAlso, you are always invited to contact the MENA Platform directly with any questions you have contact: regional.platform@itpcmena.org
    Join us on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PlateformeRegionalMENA/Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Regional Platform if you have any questions about how you can engage, or how you access technical assistance to make your engagement more effective.Warm wishes and good luck from the MENA Platform and ITPC-MENA!