MENA Grants Update

This section will provide an update on where grants are at in all MENA countries.  Most have recently been approved or should be approved soon. This is a particularly relevant time to provide an update like this.


Disease Grants Status
HIV/AIDS AFG-H-UNDP (PR: UNDP) Approved December 2017

AFG-T-MOPH (PR: Ministry of Public Health)


Approved December 2017
Malaria AGF-M-UNDP (PR: UNDP) Approved December 2017


Disease Grant(s) Status
HIV/AIDS DZA-H-MOH (PR: Ministry of Health) Approved March 2017; in implementation
HIV/AIDS App. Type: Tailored-Transition Submission window 6: August 2018


Disease Grant(s) Status
TB IRQ-T-IOM (PR: International Organization for Migration) 12-month extension approved December 2017
Notes: This is will be the final extension of the Iraq TB grant before it is integrated with the Middle East Response in January 2019


Disease Grant(s) Status
HIV/AIDS App. type: Tailored-COE Funding request submission window 5: 30 April ‘18
TB App. type: Tailored-COE Funding request submission window 5: 30 April ‘18
Malaria App. type: Tailored-COE Funding request submission window 5: 30 April ‘18
Notes: COE = Challenging Operating Environment
Disease Grant(s) Status
HIV/AIDS MOR-H-MOH (PR: Ministry of Health) Approved December 2017
TB MOR-T-MOH (PR: Ministry of Health) Approved December 2017
Disease Grant(s) Status

PAK-H-NACP (PR: National AIDS Control Programme)

PAK-H-NZT (PR: Nai Zindagi Trust)

Both approved December 2017; both in implementation

PAK-T-NTP (PR: National TB Control Program)

PAK-T-MC (PR: Mercy Corps)

PAK-T-TIH (PR: The Indus Hospital)

All approved January 2018; all in implementation

PAK-M-DOMC (PR: Directorate of Malaria Control)

PAK-M-TIH (PR: The Indus Hospital)

Both approved October 2017; both in implementation
Disease Grant(s) Status
Integrated: Malaria/RSSH SDN-M-MOH (PR: Federal Ministry of Health Approved November 2017
Notes: RSSH = Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health
Disease Grant(s) Status
HIV/AIDS Funding request submitted February 2018 Anticipated TRP review: 19-27 March 2018
Notes: TRP = Technical Review Panel
Middle East Response Initiative
Disease Grant(s) Status
Integrated: HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria App. Type: Tailored-Challenging Operating Environment Funding request to be submitted in window 6: August 2018
Notes: This grant covers services for people impacted by conflict in Palestine, Syria and Yemen, and Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. Iraq will be added in 2019.
Sustainability of services for key populations in MENA region
Disease Grant(s) Status
HIV/AIDS Catalytic multicountry Funding request to be submitted 30 April 2018

Notes: Applicant: WHO IS APPLICANT?

For more details on funding request development, see update in this newsletter.