ITPC MENA has published a new comprehensive guide on the treatment of HIV infection in Arabic:

ITPC MENA to publish in 2013 a comprehensive guide on the treatment of HIV infection in Arabic. The new guide is aimed at people living with HIV, their entourage and the associations that support them.

This guide fills a glaring lack of resources on treatment for people living with HIV in the MENA region and their families. It contains all the latest information including the new WHO recommendations published just a few weeks ago.

Implementation of the guide involved several medical specialists, people living with HIV from the MENA region and social workers involved in treatment education. “The guide is organized into several chapters that answer the main questions that may arise. It is not only intended for people on treatment, but it also aims to better prepare people before treatment.

The guide is free of rights and made available to associations in the region who can adapt it as they see fit. In the very near future, we intend to make all processing-related information available in Arabic. Many people are lost by searching for information on the Internet in languages ​​they do not necessarily master and on sites that are not always reliable. ITPC MENA is already working on a future guide that will deal with the co-infection of HIV and HBV and HCV (Viral Hepatitis Virus B and C) this time around.

ITPC MENA thanks the I-Base association in the United Kingdom and the Ford Foundation for their support of this project.

The ITPC MENA team is currently working to update the information in this guide to incorporate the new World Health Organization guidelines for ARV treatment for 2015.

To download the guide: