The Global Fund has a new Sustainability, Transition, and Co-financing Policy

Which means that for the next allocation period, the Global Fund will proactively support sustainability and transition planning, especially for upper middle income countries (UMICs) and low middle income countries (LMICs) with low or moderate disease burdens. Download the new policy, and see below the list of UMICs and LMICs where sustainability and transition planning will be prioritised.

WEBINARS ON THE STC POLICY. The new STC policy will be the subject of a Global Fund webinar that will take place on Nov. 10, 2016. The two-hour “training-of-trainer” webinar aims to explain the Global Fund’s approach to sustainability, transition, and co-financing, and to give advice for countries transitioning out of Global Fund support. There are two scheduled webinars on that date to cover different timezones.