Khadija El Gabsi, Chairperson

Khadija El Gabsi, honorary consul of Spain in Marrakech. An entrepreneurial actor with solid training and experience in marketing, a professional in tourism and who has lived in Spain for 20 years, has specialized in the development of tourist destinations. His career in Spain began in 1997 with Pullmantur, TO Spanish, as director of the “Tours in Morocco” department before being given responsibility for the development of circuits on the European and Latin American continents.

In 2002, she joined Mapa Tours as Head of the Mena Country Operations Department. With this experience, El Gabsi integrates Club Vacaciones as the contract manager for the new destinations, in order to guide the Spanair group, owner of the brand, towards the creation of destinations opening up to this operator new horizons. A specialist in luxury tourism is also launching the promotion of Moroccan gastronomy and culinary culture throughout Europe and through the opening of gourmet restaurants and the organization of events related to the Moroccan lifestyle .

Mohamed Zaghloul, Treasurer

An activist engaged in the fight against AIDS in Morocco for years, former president of the association against AIDS (ALCS) section of Marrakech. Mohammed ZAGHLOUL joined ITPC-MENA as a founding member from its inception, to continue his militant journey but this time on the issue of access to treatment in the MENA region.

Mohamed Zniber, General secretary

Mohamed Zniber comes from the world of business, with substantial education and experience in marketing and pharmaceuticals. He has worked in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia & Libya; giving him insights into the market dynamics of the region. Mohamed spent years working with patient support programs helping patients living with cancer, mainly in the later stage of the disease, access palliative care and to improve their quality of life. Today Mohamed is assisting ITPC-MENA as it expands its scope tackling Hepatitis C. He has contributed to increasing awareness of the disease, creating strategic plans and developing partnerships with health authorities, the media and key decision makers.

Othoman Mellouk, Counselor

Othoman, an orthodontist by profession, currently leads ITPC’s works on overcoming intellectual property-related barriers to access to medicines. Before joining ITPC, he worked for the Association de Lutte Contre le Sida (ALCS) in Morocco, where he participated in the development of the first prevention program targeting men having sex with men in MENA. From 2002 to 2010 he was the chair of the Marrakech city branch of ALCS, and was in charge of international relations of ALCS. He is one of the most active advocates for access to treatment in the MENA region with a particular focus on the question of intellectual property rights and their effect on access to treatment. He has published several articles and reports about access to medicines in Morocco and the MENA region and has been involved in research on monitoring access to treatment progress with the Treatment Monitoring and Advocacy Project of ITPC.

Nadia Rafif, Counselor

After graduating with a Masters in International Relations and Contemporary History of the Arab World, Nadia Rafif joined the Association for the Fight against AIDS (Association de Lutte Contre le Sida – ALCS) in Marrakech, Morocco in 2002 as executive director. She specialized in the provision of technical support to civil society; programmatic, organizational and advocacy issues. In her work she addressed the issues of access to services and human rights with particular focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations. She actively represented the concerns of the MENA region within the global ITPC movement and was instrumental in the founding of ITPC-MENA in 2009. Since 2013 Nadia has worked with the Global Forum on MSM & HIV constituents, staff, and leadership to advance MSM health and human rights through high-level advocacy, strategic policy analysis, and capacity building for grassroots advocates and organizations working with MSM.