Alim El Gaddari, Programs Director.

Alim Al Gaddari, psychologist and sexologist by training, has joined the organization’s staff team as Programs Director. Alim has been working on HIV field for 15 years in France. Before joining ITPC-MENA he was in charge of International Programs at Sida Info Service, a french organization. During his past experience, Alim successfully managed several HIV-related programs in sub-saharan Africa. He worked in collaboration with several partners and donors such as UNICEF, UNAIDS, the European Union, the City of Paris and France Expertise. The projects focused on West, Central and Northern Africa.

Zakaria Bahtout, Head of Communication and Partnerships.

Zakaria Bahtout, born 1983, Moroccan involved in the response to the HIV epidemic since adolescence. He started as a volunteer at the ALCS (Association against AIDS) in Marrakech and that since 2007. He learned so much that he wanted to make his passion so that after activism becomes his profession. After completing his university studies, he joined the ALCS as a personal member, where he was coordinator of prevention activities for youth, workers and truckers. With the support of ALCS, he helped develop innovative approaches to reach young people in Marrakech and Morocco.

With ITPC MENA, he has implemented several capacity-building and support programs targeting people living with HIV / AIDS and key populations at higher risk. This allowed him to have extensive links with the communities.

Imad EL OUALIDI, Administratif & Financial Director

Born in 1983 in Marrakech, he joined the team of ITPC MENA, as a new financial administrative director, holding a Master in Accounting, Control, Audit (CCA), holding a second Master in Management Control and Information System (MCGSI), he was administrative director, accountant, and financial, in a school of higher education, he has held several assignments as chief accountant, accounting firms.

Othmane Marrakchi, Advocacy Officer.

Born in 1996 in Rabat, Othmane Marrakchi joined ITPC MENA as an advocacy officer for access to treatment and innovative drugs. Holder of a Master’s degree in International Administration and Management of Partnerships in the Mediterranean Area, he then joined the Mohamed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir to work on the issue of access to culture for young people. Strengthened by this human experience and seduced by the fight we are leading, he decided to join our team in February 2022.

Alia AMIMI, Coordinator of the Regional Platform of the Global Fund

Alia AMIMI, born in 1993 is the Coordinator of the Regional Platform of the Global Fund. Holder of a Masters in Governance, International Relations and Political Sciences from Science Po Grenoble. She recently left ICESCO where she was a program associate for resource mobilization in the area of ​​partnerships and international cooperation. She was also the main consultant for the launch of the Network of African Women Leaders – Morocco Section. Ms. Amimi’s first experience was a stint at the office of the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Morocco where she worked on subjects related to the reduction of poverty and inequalities in Africa. She acquired a good knowledge of the response to the HIV and tuberculosis epidemics as well as the landscape and challenges of civil society in the MENA region during her experience at ITPC MENA from 2017 to 2019, as an advocacy officer for access to treatment and innovative medicines.

Mohamed AIT Haddou, accountant

Born in 1988 in ZAGORA, he joined the ITPCMENA team as an accountant, holds a professional license in accounting and management control, he is an assistant of administrative and financial director within a company works in the tourist field, so he was a customer manager in a money transfer company in Morocco.