Our Mission:

To enable people in need to access optimal HIV treatment.

Our Vision:

Longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives for people living with HIV, their families and their communities.

Our Values:

ITPC-MENA’s work is guided by our understanding that access to HIV treatment is a human right. Our work as HIV advocates and activists embraces  ‘health’ as defined by WHO which, in the HIV context, encompasses: 1) sustainable access to treatment and heath care, food and clean water, adequate housing, employment, harm reduction services that include substitution therapy and clean syringes for drug users, and sexual and reproductive health services; and 2) freedom from discrimination and stigma that results in inequities based on gender or sexual orientation, behavior, type of work and socio-economic status.

  • Communities at the center of the response – Individuals, families and societies best know their own needs and how to address them. We believe that supporting the contribution of communities at all levels of the HIV response is essential, and work to ensure meaningful participation across our organization.

  • Equity in treatment access – It is unjust for optimal treatment to be only accessible for certain communities and not others. All people living with, and at high risk of contracting HIV, have a right to access treatment, including children and those who are often marginalized or disenfranchised in society. This includes (but is not limited to) key populations, such as sex workers, LGBTI people, people who use drugs, young women and girls, migrants, adolescents and young people, and prisoners. Our approach to treatment is to enable access for all who need it.

  • Global solidarity – As a movement comprised of treatment activists, achieving access to treatment in one community is not sufficient if people in another are in need. The challenges posed by HIV are often local, and we have learned over the past 30 years that global solutions that reflect collective voices are necessary to halt HIV.

  • Transparency – As an organization, we are committed to sharing information about our programs, operations and finances publicly so that everyone can understand our work and how to collaborate with us.

  • Accountability – We strive to be accountable to the members of our coalition – people living with and affected by HIV worldwide.