ITPC-MENA is a regional network that is part of an open and flexible international coalition. ITPC-MENA is one of eight regional ITPC networks; taking the lead in program and advocacy efforts, while also cooperating on large projects affecting access to treatment. We are always seeking opportunities to enter into innovative collaborations with partner organizations and respond to ever-changing treatment access issues that vary significantly by country and region.

Programs for community activists

ITPC-MENA actively engages in training and support for our strategic partner organizations, community activists and advocates in the following areas:

  • skills and organizational capacity building;
  • a small grants program to support targeted treatment advocacy initiatives;
  • community monitoring of access to treatment issues;
  • community-led research and advocacy (our Missing the Target report series);
  • national and global advocacy; and
  • convening on issues relevant to our movement.

In order to increase access to sustainable treatment of HIV, TB and Hepatitis C through community activism, ITPC-MENA:

  1. mobilizes and coordinates our regional coalition of community-based treatment activists to advocate for their right to treatment and health
  2. builds knowledge and skills about treatment, advocacy and human rights among coalition members and policy makers
  3. enables community monitoring of health systems and policy implementation