The MENA region still has one of the lowest HIV prevalence rates in the world (0.1%).

However, MENA is increasingly becoming a region of concern regarding HIV and AIDS. Since 2001, new HIV infections have risen by 35%. Furthermore, between 2005 and 2013, AIDS-related deaths increased by 66% in comparison with a global fall of 35%.

Cultural and social factors exacerbate the transmission of HIV, and in many places, undermine the implementation of HIV services. Moreover, punitive laws and restrictions on entry, stay and residence in many of these countries deter people living with HIV from seeking the services they need.

Despite significant progress made globally on access to HIV treatment, MENA registers the lowest antiretroviral treatment (ART) coverage of any region in the world at 17%. In several countries, people living with HIV lack information about their treatment and are not empowered enough to advocate for quality treatment services.

ITPC-MENA is the key regional organization working on treatment. Our work include: increasing availability of information about treatment in Arabic language, building capacity of local organizations on treatment education and advocacy, defending the rights of people living with HIV and key population to access high quality prevention and treatment services and addressing different barriers to access in the region.