Hepatitis C:

Hepatitis C virus (HCV), is a major health concern in MENA. A country like Egypt for example has the highest prevalence of HCV in the world. Pakistan has also a significant number of people with HCV infection. In recent years new treatment strategies have provided an opportunity to cure and eliminate HCV infection. However, some major issues concerning HCV still need to be addressed worldwide and in MENA particularly, such as the cost of new drugs and the difficulty of identifying people with HCV infection.

Since 2014, ITPC-MENA extended its work to engage in access to HCV treatment. Our work include creating leadership and political will among decision makers to address the epidemic, increasing knowledge about HCV infection and its cure among communities, empowering people with HCV to become treatment advocates, addressing barriers to access to good quality services including intellectual property rights and mobilize the resources needed to en the HCV epidemic.