Treatment education is at the core of ITPC-MENA’s work. Through empowering people living with HIV and their allies to understand treatment, from the scientific basics to the politics behind access, treatment education results in informed advocates. ITPC-MENA also supports civil society advocates to monitor the delivery of HIV treatment services in their countries through community-based research. These advocates can then hold national governments and international agencies accountable to their commitments to ensure service access for all in need. Our current programs are below.

Missing the Target

ITPC-MENA contributes a unique perspective to global health advocacy through its Missing the Target (MTT) report series. The MTT model is unique in empowering communities affected by HIV to understand research methodology and undertake community-led research. Rather than waiting to get the attention of outside researchers or development institutions, the MTT model puts the power in the hands of affected communities to document their issues. As a result, critical gaps in the HIV response are exposed earlier and people are empowered to advocate for relevant solutions.